Dedicated People

Staffing made easy


Continuous Education

We provide high quality, ongoing training to ensure our representatives are up to date with quality standards and system upgrades.


Dedicated People’s IT staff stay up to date by regularly researching upgrades and becoming educated with all of the TAS technologies available. We offer adecuate IT support. 

Employee Well-Being

We promote stress relieving, team building activities to keep our staff motivated and happy.

Dedication & Commitment

We promote our staff’s commitment to the company and our clients through a positive work environment and incentive programs – at no extra cost to our clients.

Trust & Confidence

Ideas, suggestions and feedback that promote our company’s and our client’s benefit come from all of our team members. As Dedicated People we are open to hearing from all our collaborators.


Dedicated People is an equal opportunity employer. Our positive focus on our team makes us a place where people want to work.


Main Office                                2851 Johnston Street #543
Lafayette, LA 70503

Remote Office                          Calle 20 # 212A X 21 y 23 Col. México Oriente, Mérida, Yuc. 97137

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